The Detroit-Superior Bridge
Connectivity Plan

Bridge Project Recommendations

Based on your feedback and input, as well as input from numerous other stakeholders throughout this process, the Bridge Project team has begun to finalize recommendations for opening the lower level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge as a bicycle and pedestrian thoroughfare as well as a venue space.   Visit the Design Ideas section of this site for a closer look.  In conjunction with the numerous projects in the surrounding area, the Bridge Project seeks to establish the lower level and its surroundings as a unique regional destination and primary connector for alternative modes of transportation.  The final report will be compiled over the next several weeks, so your input is still valuable!  Please share with us your take on these recommendations, or offer your own recommendations via our comment page.

  • Based on this study, recommendations include, but are not limited to: 
  • A bike and pedestrian path
  • Lighting and emergency call boxes
  • Surface replacement at the center span
  • Transit waiting enviroments
  • Streetscape Enhancements
  • Mixed use development adjacent to the Bridge
  • Enhanced crosswalks
  • Directional and entry signage
  • Viewing platforms
  • Additional points of entry
  • Dedicated performance space
  • Connection to future Canal Basin Park